Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween is not just a's a week!

We have had so much fun this week and it's not even Halloween yet.  On Monday for FHE we carved pumpkins.  Spencer was here to help and the girls creativity was just flowing.  Emily was not a big fan of scooping out the pumpkin, (you'll see how unimpressed she is in the pics), but she loved drawing the faces on them.  She was very intricate with her fuzzy eyeballs and fuzzy eyes.  I had to take some creative control, but did my best to cut them they way she envisioned her finished product.  Julia got right in there and surprisingly stayed pretty clean.  Tuesday night we were Phantomed, not once but twice in the matter of 10 minutes.  The girls were so excited and couldn't wait to go out the following night and do the same.  I know I felt really loved and blessed to know that we have so many great friends.  Later after the girls finally went to sleep I made Rebecca's caterpillar costume.  Which I have to say I love!  I wanted to wake her up and put it on her, but you should never wake a sleeping baby.  Wednesday morning Julia had her Preschool Halloween Party.  Julia, Rebecca and I got dressed up.  They were too cute.  Later that day we picked Emily up from school and picked up our treats for Phantoming.  We had a blast and one of my Young Women Erica dropped by and helped us deliver our goodies.  The girls had fun running in their PJ's to the house, back to the car and then Erica or Emily would ring the doorbell and run!!!  We had to make sure we wouldn't get caught.  And for the most part I think we did a great job!  Today we will be making Caramel Apples and decorating cookies.  Emily has a Halloween Party tonight, and then tomorrow is the big day!  I've made a slideshow of our eventful week, ENJOY!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Taking More Pictures...

Well since Saturday I have been taking a ton of pics.  
So let me update.  Saturday was fun. 

The Girls played Ponys

and Wii while I tried to figure out this blog thing for a bit.  

After lunch we went to the library for a Puppet Show.  
The girls saw Huckleberry the Dragon. 
 At the end they waited in line to give Huckleberry a hug.  
We took out some books and DVDs from the Library.  

Then the girls had a blast playing on the rocks for a bit outside the library.  We ran some errands.  

But the highlight was picking out one treat at the $ store.  It was so much fun to watch them decide what they should get.  In the end Emily found this gummy jewelry set with more then one piece of candy for her loonie, and Julia had to have the same.  
They were very proud of the whole event.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let's Try This Thing

Well I've been inspired to try this blogging thing.  We'll see how it goes.  It's Saturday Morning and the Girls + Shawn are goofing around, he just stubbed His toe. Rebecca is asleep and "Sabrina" is on T.V.. We are planning out what we are going to do today, library, walk, make cookies, we're not quite sure yet.  So if all goes well I'll have some pictures posted and more to tell you about our day. - Antonia