Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saturday, Geocaching Fun!?

So on Saturday I thought it would be fun for us to try Geocaching.

Geocaching as defined in the dictionary is, "the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted to a Web site"

So off we went to Henderson Park, running shoes on, Forerunner charged and coordinates in hand. We were ready to go. I had 3 cache coordinates to look for. The girls were stoked. So was I.

Hunt 1, we looked for a good while, by the lake, in the trees, under the park bench, garbage can. We looked for a long time, we could not find it. A little disappointment, but the girls were eager to go on. We'll go back and try that one again. So we tried our 2nd Hunt.

I know we were close but no luck again.

I have to say, spirits were dampened. I felt so bad.

So I knew the 3rd one would be a hit. Come on, I thought I knew where it would be.

As we headed in the "right" direction, there was still at least 2k. I was so off. But thank goodness there was a 7 Eleven up ahead. We pretended that this was our 3rd destination and we got slurpees.

Trying to perk up their spirits. It worked most of the way back to the car.

We decided to take the girls for lunch and the unanimous vote was "Red Dog Diner"

If you ever get to Lethbridge, you have to eat there. The food is so good, Burgers, and Dogs, done in the neatest ways and the Poutine is awesome. Overall we had a good day. We'll try the Geocaching thing again. I think next time, I'll go out and see if they're easy to find! At least while the girls are still young. Hey if you want to try geocaching go here. It's a great site, and free.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Day 18

Today we ate a rainbow! That's right! We walked to the grocery store and the girls picked out fruit and veggies. The rule was whatever they picked had to be a color from the rainbow.

I made this jar full of activities and even some knock, knock jokes
(Emily is totally into knock, knock jokes right now).
When ever we get bored or need an idea we pull one from the jar.

Emily pulled Eat a Rainbow.

So off we went. They did a great job at picking out different fruits and veggies.

We set up a picnic in the backyard and I made mini pizzas.

We had a little visitor to our picnic, a daddy long legs, but he was camera shy.
Every time the girls would follow him he would take off. I tried to get a picture but no such luck.

Afterwards we played in the bouncy house. We had a blast.

I love it when the girls get all tuckered out.

Side note...I totally cleaned out my pantry, that took most of the morning. I wish I had a before and after picture, but I was too embarrassed by the before and I the after...well it's late and I need to change the lightbulb in the pantry. But it looks great! I'm pretty happy with it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Crafty...

I was totally inspired by this talented woman.
She made this really cute t-shirt dress for her daughter.

I was trying to figure out what to do with the shirts that we tie dyed. Ta dah! The light went on.
Here is the before. Julia dyed this all by herself.

Not a great pic, but you get the idea. And here is the after...

And some of Julia admiring herself in the mirror

(Andrea, look at the bed, see the new bedspread)

Summer Day 14, 15, 16, 17

Day 14 - We attempted to go Strawberry Picking... but when we got there, they told us we would really, really have to hunt. But they told us there would be another crop in August. We'll be back then. But on the up side we went to the Henderson playground with our friends.

When we got home the girls had a Pinkalicous B-day Party to attend. They had a blast.
During that time I got the car seat ready for Rebecca. She has graduated.
And is very happy to be forward facing and up high.

When they got home they wanted to play makeover. I told them after dinner we would get in our PJ's and have a Makeover Night. PJ's and popcorn, Movie and Nails.
What little girl doesn't love that. I even did my toes.

Emily's Toes

Julia Drying her nails.
She couldn't keep her eyes off the movie...we watched "Cinderella Story" with Hilary Duff

My Toes!

Day 15 - The girls, hmm drove me crazy! Thank goodness they were sleeping over at Grandma's. They were so excited about sleeping at Grandma's they were asking almost every minute of the day, "when are we going to Grandma's" Grandma O was having the girls for a sleepover and taking them to Sterling Days the next day. So sweet, Shawn and I had somewhat of a night off. We got a babysitter for Rebecca and went out. I love the Harry Potter Books and I was so excited to see the movie. So Shawn once again let me pick the movie. What a nice guy, eh!

Saturday, Shawn and I were childless, well not really we had Rebecca.
We decided to go for breakfast, a walk, and to the Farmers Market. We left at

(We got to sleep in till 8, very exciting)

and didn't get home till

Lots of walking! I loved it, Shawn did pretty good! LOL
(I don't know if you can tell from the picture but I'm a little bit pinker)

Day 16 - The girls asked Shawn for boxes. They needed to create. So they did. Little Dog houses. They were hoping to fit in them, but the boxes were a little too small.
But their stuffies were the right size.

Well this little puppy could fit! But Mommy rescued her.

Day 17 - Today we went to Henderson Pool. It was so much fun. Julie V. came by today and asked if we wanted to meet her and the kids there for a picnic and a swim. Great idea. We had a blast. Rebecca fell asleep while I was holding her in the pool. The girls loved it. The weather was perfect! We even ran into Spencer and Justin. It was perfect. Did I already say that. The girls were exhausted by the time we came home. Here are some pics from the pool.

Emily & Julia are out there, right on the little island, to the left you can see Julia's life jacket!

She even stayed asleep when we got out of the pool.


Rebecca got into the Cherries! Quite the mess.

We'll see what tomorrow brings...I think we might eat a Rainbow...go for a walk...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Day 10, 11, 12 ,13...and some weekend stuff

Day 10 - We went to the Library and ran some errands.
Rebecca was so alert when we started out, but tuckered out before we got to Costco.
I didn't want to wake the poor girl, but I really needed some groceries.

She did not want to wake up so I laid her in the cart. She is so cute. I couldn't believe she stayed asleep, even while taking the cart through the bumpy parking lot. That night we had Spencer babysit, and Shawn and I went to a movie. We saw the Proposal with Sandra Bullock. We both liked it. It was a Romantic Comedy. I think thats why Shawn liked it, the comedy part. It was also Street Wheelers. Mayor Magrath was pretty busy even though they don't block that off,
but we saw this guy on this bike on our way home.


On Saturday we took Emily's training wheels off.

No success, but we'll try again. I know mine and Shawn's backs are pretty sore from bending over. That afternoon we had some friends come and play on this really cool water slide blow up thing. The girls could have played for hours.

Day 11 - The girls slept over at Grandma's on Sunday night so it was pretty quiet Monday morning. I was able to go for a bike ride, no kids. Kind of fun. The girls went to the dollar store, and came home just before lunch. That afternoon we got thunderstorms. It would not stop pouring. We had Dinner/FHE at Ryan's and Alisha's that night. Alisha made a delicious lasagna. The girls ate every last bite. Even Julia.

Day 12 - Today it rained all day. It felt like it would never stop. We hung out in our PJ's and watched movies. You have to do that every once in awhile. We did finally get dressed, the sun broke through the clouds and we ventured out to the fabric store. Emily picked out some fabric, and we are going to make a skirt together.

The day before when I went to the store and I had gotten some pajamas for Julia. I didn't have time to find any for Emily and she is at this weird stage/size. To big for a 6 to small for a 7. So it's hit and miss when it comes to finding clothes for her. I told her I would take her out. Kind of a Mommy Daughter date, and we would pick out some PJ's. Okay 2 stores and an hour and a half later we FINALLY found some.

She is very happy with her choice!

Day 13 - Today was a blast. The sun is finally out and it actually feels like summer.
We had some friends over this afternoon to do some Tie Dying.

We went to Fabricland and picked out some dye.

Emily and Julia helped label the buckets, while I boiled water,
and got things together.

We wet our shirts and started wrapping rubber bands around them.

Then we got down to the fun part. We got to Dye them.

It was great to see all the kids little personalities come out.

Their color choices and even their patience. It was so much fun.

I couldn't believe how Julia just got right in there.

And even Emily warmed up to the idea and was having fun.

I am so grateful to have such awesome friends, and for their great kids too.

Here is a picture of Julia and her shirt.
I think they all did a great job.

Just a side note here, I got the e-mail today for my favorite things swap.
I have my new friend, I can't wait to send her an e-mail and my 3 favorite things.
I have already done some spying on her blog...