Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Day 8

It was time to take advantage of the good weather. There hasn't been much this week.
I got the girls dolled up and we took some pics at Henderson.
I was hoping to get some shots for Rebecca's Room. We had a few turn out.

We followed picture taking with a picnic and time at the new park.
After we came home, the girls played on their bikes.

Julia needed a basket, so a drill, 1 smarties ice cream bucket and 2 zip ties later
we had a basket for her bike.

We went for a ride around the lake and the girls were able to bring their puppies.

The sprinklers were on at the lake. We ran and biked threw them really fast.

And we had to throw a couple of rocks in the water!

Grandma O invited us to their ward picnic. So back to the park we went. The girls had so much fun today.
It made bedtime so much easier. They crashed fast!


Karyn said...

Julia's basket is great!

Shawn said...

She loved it! And so do I! It's totally her personality!-Antonia