Monday, March 29, 2010

Really Quick!

I should be sleeping right now, I really want to especially with being so sick recently. And I clarify quickly I AM NOT PREGNANT!

General Conference is coming up this weekend. My kids love it. Yes that's right love it! We've made it fun over the years and have little traditions that go along with Conference. One of our little traditions, that helps a LOT, is this wonderful Conference Packet that some wonderful person made. So here is the link, Share, Use, Enjoy! Some of the packet is geared to older children, but we make changes where needed (i.e. the word search, before they could really read we would have the circle a certain letter) I know you'd come up with something great! Enjoy the upcoming General Conference and your Easter Weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Random thought...

You know how you check out other people's blogs...I know you do, because I do! And who wouldn't. There are some awesome people out there. And that's my thought! There are so many awesome people out there and I know we would be great friends! So those of you who stop by and make comments and those of you who spy...I know we would be, what does Anne Shirley say "A bosom friend--an intimate friend, you know--a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul" I know we would be (and some we already are!).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This one's for you Jeanee!

I participated in a Pin Cushion Swap over here

My Swap Partner was Jeanee and these are the lovely things she sent us.

She screen printed her logo on the fabric and then made this adorable pin cushion with my fave colour RED!

Just from the e-mails sent back and forth, I think she is one of the sweetest people I've met.(online, but maybe one day we will meet) Check out her site here.

I took a little video of the girls opening their treat from Jeanee.

They couldn't leave the house today without one of these adorable clips in their hair.

(Sorry the pics don't do the goodies any justice, just swamped today but want to make sure that I posted!)

First Post of Many for Today...

Okay there has been lots going on! And I don't know where to start!

Julia and I have built Snow Girls (See Emily, Julia and Becca)

Emily was recognized at School!

We have started running club again this year!

I have participated in a few swaps and also found this awesome swap site!

The girls finished their swimming lessons!

Emily has Glasses now!

We have 4 new very important additions to the family!

Spent some time at the park, because the weather is finally getting nice!

Made Marshmallow Shooters from this great Instructable!

Had a Cousin sleepover!

Julia has found her very own fashion sense!

(I know Julia is a girl and sweet one at that, it's just every time she does her hair like this I think...
Richie Tenenbaum)

And I won a giveaway! Thank you Jenny!

(It came from Australia)

With that said I have also started a new project...yes I know another project. But I love it! So check it out! It's only been 5 days but I'm really having fun with it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thought this was pretty cute!

Just before heading to bed tonight, I found Emily here:

The middle of our living room floor.

She was complaining about Julia's snoring.

I told her to crash in our bad...which she said was too messy (the sheets were a little tangled from my Sunday afternoon nap, because Sunday's are a day of rest.)

Take note of her alarm clock and clothes set out for tomorrow. Cute, eh!