Monday, March 29, 2010

Really Quick!

I should be sleeping right now, I really want to especially with being so sick recently. And I clarify quickly I AM NOT PREGNANT!

General Conference is coming up this weekend. My kids love it. Yes that's right love it! We've made it fun over the years and have little traditions that go along with Conference. One of our little traditions, that helps a LOT, is this wonderful Conference Packet that some wonderful person made. So here is the link, Share, Use, Enjoy! Some of the packet is geared to older children, but we make changes where needed (i.e. the word search, before they could really read we would have the circle a certain letter) I know you'd come up with something great! Enjoy the upcoming General Conference and your Easter Weekend!

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ABDO said...

love the message, love the packet! my boys will be thrilled!