Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cookies, Cookies, and more cookies.

Okay, I don't know what came over me today.  I started by making some peanut butter cookies this afternoon, and I just couldn't stop.  After that I made, chocolate chip oatmeal and I couldn't stop there.  I made these chewy chocolate junior mint cookies and just had to make more.  So I made these chewy chocolate cherry cookies with milk chocolate chips.  I'm crazy.  I just hope I don't eat them all.  I made some deliveries today, but I think I will make some more tomorrow.  The thing is, I even filled my freezer with pre-rolled cookies.  When I start something, I guess I go over board.  The girls are in heaven.  Cookies everywhere.  I can't even remember what we had for dinner.  I think it mainly consisted of cookies.  Oh and a few leftovers, maybe.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can You Have Too Much Fun?

This weekend has been a blast.  I am so happy that there is no school tomorrow for Emily and we get an extra day with her.  Yesterday the girls started swimming lessons.  Even Rebecca.  They had so much fun.  Courtesy of an Aunt and some Uncles we finally used our McDonald's gift certificates and took the girls to lunch.  We even went to the one with the playland.  Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.  Then we headed over to the Galt Museum to catch the last day of the Egypt exhibit.  I have some pics but I haven't uploaded them yet.  We did a scavenger hunt.  It was a great Saturday.  We even got Rebecca's crib set up.  She has officially graduated from the cradle to the crib.

Today we have been enjoying down time and cookies.  We've been playing with the photo booth on my MacBook.  I have to say I am beautiful and I know I have the most gorgeous children.  We've had a blast taking pics.  Emily helped with the slideshow.  Enjoy!  Laugh!  We did and you will too!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I should really be in bed...

I should really be in bed, because Rebecca is finally asleep.  I barely got any sleep last night.  She has started teething, the poor girl.  I feel so sorry for her.  So now that she is finally crashed I should be crashing too.  But I am too eager to post the slideshow from our December Adventures.  Here it is, and Goodnight!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions...

Well I hope to do better this year on the blog thing.  I have totally been inspired by my awesome friend Amy.  She just rocks.  And so does her blog.  

Well the New Year is here.  We have had a blast in London with my family over the holidays.  We are heading back tomorrow.  It has been great to see friends and spend time with family.  We've caught up on a bunch of movies.  Good old Goldthorp traditions (or just the lack of cable, can't decide).  The girls have had a blast.  Shawn took Emily to the CN Tower for Dinner and a Leafs game.  Em and JuJu, went to the Franklin Christmas Concert with Grandma & Granddad.  My Parents Ward Christmas Party.  We caught a magic show at the Library, the Funny Bunny, and Miss Em was a volunteer.  She did a great job.  We did dinner a few times with friends.  Saw Nanny and will see her again before we leave.  Shopping with Amanda, way fun.  We all made a Ninja Turtle Snowman when Andrea & Steve were here.  We also had very successful family pics.  Yesterday we did Chuck-e-Cheese and a Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge.  Good times! December was busy, Christmas was great and 
2009 has and will be awesome!

Enjoy our Snowman Pics...I'll post some more of our family fun soon!

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