Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can You Have Too Much Fun?

This weekend has been a blast.  I am so happy that there is no school tomorrow for Emily and we get an extra day with her.  Yesterday the girls started swimming lessons.  Even Rebecca.  They had so much fun.  Courtesy of an Aunt and some Uncles we finally used our McDonald's gift certificates and took the girls to lunch.  We even went to the one with the playland.  Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.  Then we headed over to the Galt Museum to catch the last day of the Egypt exhibit.  I have some pics but I haven't uploaded them yet.  We did a scavenger hunt.  It was a great Saturday.  We even got Rebecca's crib set up.  She has officially graduated from the cradle to the crib.

Today we have been enjoying down time and cookies.  We've been playing with the photo booth on my MacBook.  I have to say I am beautiful and I know I have the most gorgeous children.  We've had a blast taking pics.  Emily helped with the slideshow.  Enjoy!  Laugh!  We did and you will too!

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1 comment:

ABDO said...

what to say? That was a side of the 4 of you that we'd never seen before! My faves were Big Brain Becca and Chubby Bunny Emily. Bru loved the "I'm the brains of this family" and square faced JuJu was tootoo cute!
the fun that you can have with a MacBook: priceless!!
Thanks for the laughs.Love the Stew's