Monday, July 6, 2009

Primary Talk and Scripture

On Sunday the girls both had assignments in Primary.
Julia had her first talk and Emily was assigned to read a scripture.
They did a great job.
Emily read Moroni 7:35 all by herself.
And Julia had memorized most of her talk.
It was called "What Makes You Smile".
It's from an old issue of the Friend.
I had cut it out and laminated it for her after we received the issue.
She loved this little book.
So I thought it was perfect for her talk. I enlarged each image and she held them up and recited each page. It was cute.
They both did awesome. But I am their Mom!


Karyn said...

That's great! Sierra has to give her first talk next Sunday.

Antonia said...

Hey, if you want to use the pics, I already have them laminated! Let me know:)