Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Day 4

The girls had slept over at Mom & Dad O's, which was so nice. Shawn headed down to AZ. Lucky guy! It's not just all fun (although he'll be there for the 4th of July), it's business too. Right Honey?! I had a quite morning to myself while Rebecca napped. When I finally went to get the girls, we headed out and did some thrift shopping. We were on a hunt for a few things and were able to find most of them. I've had this craft table set up for the girls for awhile but needed to finish it up. I found a box for their paper, and some jars for their pencils and crayons. I wish I could say I got the chairs at the Thrift Store, but no such luck. I still got them at a good price. We found a dress for Julia that I'll be able to refashion for the Pioneer Primary Activity this month, and some awesome curtains. I'll take pics of those once I get them up. Since we are only in the house for a bit, I don't want to paint, but we need some color. It's summer time. They're yellow. I'll let you in on that much. We picked up some KFC and had a Dinuchy as Emily calls it, (late Lunch/Dinner). Had a Picnic downstairs while Rebecca slept and watched Gracie. I don't know if it was totally the right choice. I thought it would be like Remember the Titans or something which it kind of was. All I have to say is, the girls have promised me they will never kiss boys till their forty. After that it was Bathtime and Bedtime. They so needed to go to bed at a decent hour. They were out cold by 7pm.

Here's the craft table. Emily had to craft as soon as she got up this morning.

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wow, it looks amazing. When you say 'thrift' shopping, where do u go? I see all these cute blogs with people finding these amazing things, i never know where to look for them! lol