Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Day 2

Sorry I'm a little behind on what's going on.
Monday night the girls camped out in the backyard with Shawn.
So Tuesday was recovery. They stayed up late and then were up early in the morning.
It cooled down quite a bit and was pretty windy. I think that's why they were such early risers.
We had some friends come over and play and the pearler beads were a big hit again.

The big girls made their pearler creations while, the little ones glued popsicle sticks together.

And Rebecca watched in Delight!

3 comments: said...

ok, seriously!! You know in church when you see one of those moms that are sooo together, who craft,cook, perfect home, happy giggling chidren, and to top it off the mom is super nice!!!!.. YOU ARE THAT MOM!! I love reading all the things you do with your girls, it's so darling!

Antonia said...

Thanks for the compliment! But I'm totally not. You should see the house right now. Laundry everywhere...I don't know if I should say that out on here...the secrets out...and the girls went to church today without the hair! said...

ahah glad to know you are 'normal' then! It makes us all feel better ;)

Is Julia going back into Noahs ark this next year?