Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Taking More Pictures...

Well since Saturday I have been taking a ton of pics.  
So let me update.  Saturday was fun. 

The Girls played Ponys

and Wii while I tried to figure out this blog thing for a bit.  

After lunch we went to the library for a Puppet Show.  
The girls saw Huckleberry the Dragon. 
 At the end they waited in line to give Huckleberry a hug.  
We took out some books and DVDs from the Library.  

Then the girls had a blast playing on the rocks for a bit outside the library.  We ran some errands.  

But the highlight was picking out one treat at the $ store.  It was so much fun to watch them decide what they should get.  In the end Emily found this gummy jewelry set with more then one piece of candy for her loonie, and Julia had to have the same.  
They were very proud of the whole event.

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