Monday, November 24, 2008

My House is Clean!

I know this sounds crazy but I am so content right now because my house is clean.  I still have tons of laundry, but my house is clean.  I can't help but smile.  So we've been busy, just like everyone.  But it's been fun.  Shawn and I went to Arizona with Rebecca about a week and a half ago.  It was great.

  We saw Andrea and Steve, did some shopping, a movie at the Biltmore and Andrea did my hair.   

Shawn went to a house auction and Andrea and I went for Gelato and Cupcakes.  Loved the Gelato, not a big fan of the Cupcakes, overpriced and not that great.  CrazyCakes here in Lethbridge has my heart with that one.  Rebecca did great on her first flight.  Good to know since we are heading to London, ON for Christmas to see my family. 

Speaking of Christmas, we did Ormston Cousin Christmas this weekend and before everyone came we decorated.  

The Girls had fun.  And it was great to see all the cousins (we missed Sierra though, lucky girl was in Mexico with her Mom & Dad, Karyn took some awesome pics of their trip), just having a blast.  They play so well together.  Good times.  Well enjoy the pics and my rambling on.  I really should head to bed.  I have YW's in Excellence tomorrow,  which really means the family does.  They are so great at supporting me in my calling.  Shawn even forgo a Flames game.  He really must love me!


Kirsten said...

Hey Antonia, any tips for flying with a newborn? We're headed cross country for Christmas, too (to NY)!

The Molcak's said...

We had lot's of fun at the gift exchange on Saturday. Thanks again for hosting it!