Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Okay I know you've been waiting...

Here it is...Our Fancy Nancy Bathroom...Before and After...I took our main floor bathroom and with the help of the girls had some fun. If anyone has met Nancy Clancy well you know that she is Fancy.


We love her books and truthfully I think we all have inner Nancy's. If you have a chance to read or glance through you'll fall in love.

Well with our inner Nancy's and Shawn away we tackled our bathroom.

Here is the Before...


Love those builder mirrors so fancy (NOT)




We had to do some crafting...


Picked these frames up at the Dollar Store, 2 for a $1




(Now this is where I had everything posted and ready to go and it failed AHHHHH, so I'll start again)

So we went to the thrift store to see what we could find to make things FANCY...Emily found this lovely chair.


See if you can spy it in out bathroom.

Get ready to enter the world of 3 girls, the world of FANCY


We found this tray for 50 cents, drilled some holes, found some ribbon, and visited my vinyl lady...ta dah!


Nancy loooves French!


Did I tell you Fuschia is Nancy's favorite color!


We also found this lovely tablecloth at the thrift store, but it makes a much better shower curtain!


And every girl needs a chandelier in their bathroom (found at the $ Store, it's vinyl)


Christmas Garland, Vinyl, and MDF Painted Pink with Glitter is soo Ooo-la-la!


See their artwork! Lovely!


Did you spy the chair? A little spray paint, new padding, scrap fabric and some pom pom trim! LOVE IT!


And we couldn't leave any corner unturned. Who wouldn't want a fancy plunger! And we needed a special basket for the Kandoo's, another thrift store find, and Emily's idea!


Sparkly door knobs...


And no bathroom would be complete without...


Yes that was pink toilet paper!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of our bathroom! We had a blast creating it!


Brittany said...

so cute and creative..your girls have such a fun mom with all your crafts and fun ideas. I would even love that pink bathroom

ABDO said...

i have told every mom with little "nancy"ies to take a look at your bathroom- i mean, salle de bain! i'm so lucky to be able to see it in person...and even use it!!
c'est encroyable

tvmom said...

oh my that chair and the shower curtain...very creative!

Antonia said...

thanks everyone for the comments! a little lazy on response, but love ya all!!!

Pamela said...

Hi Antonia! Thanks so much for visiting my blog...good luck on the giveaway!

I LOVE this post! Soooo cute!! I have three girls as well and I know they would love this! What amazing thrift finds...that chair is wonderful! You did some a great job! :)