Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Day 1

Today we had a quiet day. Time spent in the bouncy house, sprinkler, bike riding and hanging on the deck.

(she really did want to stay outside. But she just got sprayed by one of her sisters with the sprinkler)

I'm borrowing Emily's kobo. ;) She has graciously lent it to me. I've started Jane Eyre. And I have also figured out how to borrow e-books from our local library for it. It's becoming my new favorite thing! Totally Loving it! She may have to pry it from my hands.

Some exciting news in our house, Emily found a caterpillar. She has been taking very good care of it. When we woke up this morning we found it like this...

It's metamorphosing! The girls are pretty excited. "It's in it's chrysalis state"- direct quote from Emily. It will be exciting to see how this goes. I think it might survive. Especially since I am having no part in the care of this pet.

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Helena said...

Haven't boiled any fsh lately!!! ;)
joking!! ;)
Nice to see that it is a great start to the summer!!

Terri-Ann said...

I LOVE my kindle. I would never go back. Jane Eyre also happened to be the first book I read on it when I got in for Christmas. Unfortunately, libraries don't support the kindle, so good idea to go for the Kobo. Or stick to the free classics (which is what I do). Happy reading!