Sunday, November 13, 2011

header done, check, updated pics of the girls, check...

i did it. a new header. yeah!!! i also updated pics of the girls on the side. another yeah!!! while making the header i realized a few things.

1. i am a photographer...but i don't have a lot of pics of my kids this year. note to self, do better, a lot better

2. of the pics i do have...most of them are of becca, maybe that's because it's just her and me so much now. don't know, note to self, take pics of your other children otherwise they are going to wonder if there was a favorite.

3. just take more pics...even if it's with my phone, it's okay

4. get better at this blogging thing...isn't that a constant ha :)

i have missed blogging some pretty awesome things that have been going on in our family. really. the last real post was about tp, before that a run, which is a good thing but there's all our summer fun. the tons of tomatoes we grew this year. all the little and big trips we've been making. some together, some only a few of us, and even some solo. so if i say i'm going to blog more, you know as well as i do, that it's not going to happen. so i'll just say nothing and we'll see how it goes.

at least today, i can do some catching up :)

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