Sunday, February 15, 2009

Question? Is it so wrong to blog more then once in a day?

So I uploaded a bunch of stuff from my camera and I have time to share. I know I already left a post today. So the question, is it so wrong to blog more then once? Well it doesn't matter, cause I'm doing it! So a few things. Emily was recognized at an assembly at the end of January. So super cute. On the certificate that she received it said "Emily is a bright, responsible young lady who always likes to help others. Keep up the good work!" Her teacher Mrs. T is awesome.

One afternoon Julia wanted to play Hungry Hippos together. Her idea of playing Hungry Hippos, is me watching and her eating all of the marbles (with the hippos of course). Which we've lost most of. We had a blast together. Rebecca was watching and rolling around beside us on the floor. I found Julia's sunglasses and they totally fit on Rebecca. So cute! It was a fun afternoon.

While Shawn was away I asked the girls what they wanted for dinner one night. They declared "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" So I whipped some up before heading off to Young Women's. I had fun making "j's" and "e's". They thought it was the coolest!

So Julia was super quiet...I found her finger painting with soap in the bathroom on the downstairs mirror. Instead of losing it (which I never do, right!) we took a picture! Smile!

Next, Ward Valentine's Dance! They girls were dressed sooo cute! Of course, red, white and pink was their attire! Emily and Julia sure got their groove on. If I figure it out I'll post a video. Jamie, did such a cute job on her boys shirts. I just had to take a picture of the boys with the girls. I promise there is no match making going on here. But they are great boys!

Julia had her Valentine's Party at Preschool. So much fun. Shawn was able to take some time off that morning and come. It was great. I feel so blessed that he works from home and that we can have that flexibility.

And last, tonight we had our Valentine's Dinner. We had our traditional chocolate chip pancakes, with chocolate dipped strawberries, and sparkly juice. Very healthy! We always have it by candlelight and with our crystal glasses. We love this family tradition we started and it's so easy for me to whip up some pancakes!

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ABDO said...

I say, when the good times roll...
blog away!!!It's kind of Feast or Famine with our blog posts. Looks like a lot of memories were made, so you'd better share 'em. Valentine's dinner looked so yummy!!