Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Sunday!

Today the girls both had assignments in Primary. Emily was asked to speak and Julia was asked to say the prayer. They did such a great job. Julia got right up there. She said she didn't need my help, but I helped a little. We had done a practice prayer before we went to church this morning. She blessed the food and random people. So I thought how cute! When it came time she did awesome. She spoke in her soft sweet Julia voice. She was shy at all. The theme for primary this month is "I came to earth as part of a family". Here is what she said, "I came to the earth to be a part of my family. When I was born, I decided that I was so excited to be in my family that I couldn’t wait until it was time. I was born early as a pre-mature baby. I weighed a little over 3 pounds when I was born. The doctors were not sure if I would have any health problems. My dad and grandpa gave me a priesthood blessing in the hospital that I would get strong and healthy. I was supposed to stay in the hospital 6 weeks, and then the doctors would decide if I could go home with my mom and dad. I got so healthy, so fast, that the doctors let me go home at a little over 3 weeks. I am thankful for the priesthood and for my family." I was so proud of her. She read the whole thing. A little struggle with the word priesthood, but she spoke clearly. I was so touched. She showed a scrapbook page from her baby book, with pictures of her in the hospital. It was a Super Sunday! I can't believe how fast they grow.

2 comments: said...

oh she was soo tiny!! What a great day. Grace is so shy, she gets up there and usually refuses to say a word! lol

ABDO said...

way to go Emily and Julia!!!