Sunday, March 15, 2009

FHE Board and watch out for those Leprechauns!

I finally completed our Family Home Evening Board.  I've been collecting all the pieces, and tweaking the idea now for a couple of months.  I had my amazing my Father-in-law cut me a piece of steel, had some vinyl lettering done, made the white frame from some MDF moulding, and found these cute frames from the dollar bin at Michael's, and attached some magnets to the back.  Tahdah! I'm pretty pleased with it and the girls, my biggest fans, love it.  Emily is really excited to do the Lesson tomorrow.  So enjoy those pics.

St. Patty's is on Tuesday and each child in Emily 's class was asked to make a Leprechaun Trap.  We got some great ideas from our Family Fun Magazine this month.  Emily did a great job!  We tested the trap out.  When the Leprechaun grabs the pot of coins the cloud container will fall on him and that's that.  She really hopes to catch one at school.  Julia and I will finishing our trap for home tomorrow.  I'll have to post some pics when we are done.  


Helena said...

So, did you catch any leprechauns? They are very tricky!!
Antonia, what a fantastic FHE board. It looks wonderful.
Juju, are you going leprechaun hunting?
Love Grandma Goldthorp xoxox :)

ABDO said...

here's my usual...
"How freakin' cute!!!"
I love the FHE board and Em's trap is awesome.
Good luck running, Emialy. I know you can do it