Monday, March 2, 2009


When Emily comes home from School, we go through her B.E.A.R book (Bring Everything Always Ready). We check to see if there are any notes from her teacher, important news, homework, work to keep at home. Today I was going through her work to keep at home, and I just had to share some of it. The worksheet is titled "Responsibilities" "A responsibility is a job or action that you are supposed to do" "1. At home I am responsible for : taking care of my fish" (We don't have a fish. I know Emily is hoping for one.) " It is important to do this job because: it is my pet" (Good answer Emily, if we ever have a fish it will be her pet!). "2. At school I am responsible for: doing my work. It is important to do this job because: I need to Learn" Well what can I say, She's right. "3. In my community I am responsible for: recycling. (If anyone knows me, recycling isn't one of my strengths, sorry Mom!) "It is important to do this job because: we are following Jesus example" I asked Emily about this, her response "Well Jesus would recycle! Right!?" Too cute. Just had to share.


Helena said...

Way to go Emily. Your right Jesus would recycle. You go, green girl you!! :) Love grandma G said...

oh thats too cute!!

ABDO said...

Ditto to Gma G, Em.
Maybe you will get that fish one day.
Cute post
Love Amy