Friday, April 10, 2009

Lots to Say!

Emily did really well on her report card and decided to pick going to the water park as a special treat.  She invited the whole family!  We had so much fun!

At Emily's school they had a 70's and 80's theme day!  Isn't she adorable!
Julia had show and share at preschool.  She brought Barley and Bailey.

Julia had her Easter Concert at Preschool.  She was so cute.  She kept bowing after each song and poem.  I have no idea where she got that from

We have a new edition to our family.  Kyle and Karyn welcomed Peyton Lily to the family.  She is adorable.

After Conference it was so nice out, that we went for a walk/bike ride around the lake.  
Emily took off on her bike.  Boy was she fast.  

This past Wednesday we met up with some friends down in the river bottom.  The girls rolled eggs down the hill and went for an egg hunt.  Fun times!

So, we have new teeth, for Rebecca, one here and two on the way...

and Emily has two loose teeth.  She is ecstatic and can't wait for tooth fairy to come!


Brittany said...

looks like you are having fun, I loved the 80s outfit where did you find those spandex tight things? What preschool do you have Julia in?

Antonia said...

I found the blue tights at superstore for a $ and the leggings were socks that I found there and I cut off the feet. It was so much fun. Julia is at Noah's Ark 1st Adventure! We love it there!

Helena said...

Wow, what great pictures of all your activities!! Love you all :)