Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Kids Are Out to Get Me!!!

I swear my kids are out to get me!  I know they are.  It's seems like every Monday night or Wednesday night, they just don't want to sleep at 1am 2am 3am...get the idea.  It's like they know, "Mom is going running tomorrow but I think she'll have so much more fun with me!"  I do feel bad for Rebecca right now.  She is still so stuffed up and is having a rough go.  I woke up to screaming from Emily and Julia's room.  I seriously thought I was dreaming at first.  I go running down the stairs and find Emily sitting right up in her bed screaming.  "I have to pee, but there's monsters!  I can't get out of bed!"  Poor girl!  I assure her we have no monsters living here, but it still doesn't seem to be enough to console her.  Finally she goes back to bad.  Okay 2:45am I can still function, if I'm luck on 4 hours of sleep.  As I finally lay down in my own bed, giving into the sleep...what do I hear...it sounds like a road race...the pitter patter of feet.  Well just one set of feet.  But boy where they fast.  Julia comes running into our room.  "I'm hot, I'm hot."  First thing I think "Great, a Fever"  Nope!  She's just hot.  Let's change the pajamas.  But then the sweet girl wants to sleep with us.  I found feet in the my face, back and my pillow gone.  All the while Rebecca needs me sporadically through the night.  I feel so blessed to be her food source especially when I look over to our bed and see Shawn snoring and Julia out cold.  Well 5:30am comes.  And I roll over and turn off the alarm.  "I'm crazy if I try this" "should I sleep or run" and "If I'm lucky I'll get in one more hour of sleep!"  I think, I can't even think.  I succumb to sleep.  I may have won the hour.  I did I hear Emily's alarm go off. 6:45am.  I realize one day I'll miss this.  And it's neat to think they need me!  Well, any of my running girls if you read this, I'll try again, but like I said THEY ARE OUT TO GET ME!


ABDO said...

They do it because you need to be reminded how much you love them(that's what I had to repeatedly tell myself during Owen-the younger years)
we're out this Sat (25th) at 6:30am @Hill's...if the little ones don't devour you!! and if you read this...sorry it's late.

dresselfamily.blogspot.com said...

oh how i know how you feel! Grace didn't sleep through the night til she was 3, by then Ella was born ( she is now 3 and only sleeps through once a week IF that), and Ethan still yet to make it through the night at 18 months, so in 5 years, I have slept through the night once! NOT KIDDING!!

I'm glad you went back to sleep, i would have too! lol