Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Souls Lost Marathon

Emily Finished her Marathon on Saturday... and I think she has caught the running bug.  We had some catch up to do before the race, so during the week we would run 2-3 miles a night.  Poor girl, including the race she ran more then 8 miles that week.  I totally thought she was going to hate me and hate running before the race happened.  But she can't wait for the next one.  Here are some pics of our not so little girl!  Oh and I made our family matching shirts to wear for the race.  Which was great.  If we got separated, we always could find each other.  Shawn came up with the quote on the back!  On the back it says 

"Be Excellent to Each Other!  Bill S. Preston, Esquire" and on the front it says 
"Ormston's Excellent Adventures"  It's perfect!  

At Lethbridge College, Before the Beginning of the Race!

And they're off!

She's under the Red Arrow!  Can you see her?

Crossing the Finish Line!  Look at that Smile!

Waiting for Emily to Finish!

Some of the Family!  They cheered Emily on near the end of the Finish Line!  
It was great to have them there!


Helena said...

Well look at Miss Emily, the marathon runner extraordinare. You look like you had alot of fun doing this. I am so proud of you. It was really nice that you had all your fans out to cheer you. You are truly loved.
BRAVO Miss Emily :) Love Grandma

ABDO said...

good shots of your little runner...and we SO LOVE the family are excellent