Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Julia has two favourite things she loves to wear. 1st her swimsuit, she wears it everywhere 2nd dresses. She changes about 100 times a day, which drives me crazy. She is always trying to put on one of her sunday dresses, but I don't want them to get wrecked. So I hung this dress up in her closet,

hoping she would want to wear it. No such luck. "It's not fancy enough!"
So this afternoon, I decided to "Fancy" it up.

I had Julia try it on after I had the little apron on. It was a huge hit. I still needed to put the flowers on

but she wouldn't take off the dress. Eventually I persuaded her, I think with a piece of gum.
And here it is all done.

Fancy + Smiling = Priceless


The Molcak's said...

SOOO cute! I love it! You'll have to teach me how to do ruffles like that! I noticed them on those super cute poodle skirts last week. I think you should post a tutorial for people like me who want to sew, but have NO CLUE! lol!

ABDO said...

AWESOME! How do you do it? Julia looks so much like you in the close up shot. You'd better do matching outfits for all the darlings (and a coordinating tie for Shawn, of course)