Friday, June 19, 2009

Emily's Birthday Party

This has been a work in progress for quite some time.  We've had the theme picked out for awhile and slowly Emily and I have been getting things ready for her party.  The them was the 50's.  It started off with Emily wanting to go bowling and it just spiraled.  It was so much fun.  
I made poodle skirts for the girls and t-shirts for the boys.  

Emily's skirt was extra special with a little sparkle.  

I used old 45's for the invitations, and made a personalized record label for the invites.  

"Hey all you T-Birds & Pink Ladies!  
Emily is turning 7 and is hopelessly devoted to you being there!  
So grease back your hair Boys!  Put on your poodle skirts Girls!  
Because it's time for some Rockin' Sock Hop Birthday Fun!"

Refreshments were easy.
 Shawn's amazing chocolate milkshakes, strawberries, and cupcakes that looked like records (kind of).  

We went bowling at Holiday.  

Then came back to our place and had a hula hoop contest, bubble gum blowing, the twist, and a drag race.  And of course we did the limbo.  Which the kids loved doing so much we did it twice.  

It was great to have Grandma Ormston there, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Luke, Auntie Carissa, Uncle Kyle and Auntie Karyn.  They were extra judges and helping hands.  Thank you.  

Julia was such a good helper too with the decorating and set up.  

I feel really blessed to have such amazing kids.  
They are such good sports, I hope they are enjoying this as much as I am.  

I also feel so blessed to have Spencer!

Here's a video of the kids doing the limbo. 

And I totally had to post this one of Emily's little friend.  She does such an awesome job hula hooping.  

I have so many more pictures and videos but don't want to bore you! LOL!


ABDO said...

That looked like a VERY cool birthday party. It's nice your mom can do it all! Next year I want to be invited!! Antonia, thanks for posting some pics. The skirts turned out so nice, I especially like Em's! And I LOVE Julia's new haircut. It totally suits her. I hope you are recouperating from all these parties- doesn't that make like 5 parties in 7 days? You are a rock star!!

ABDO said...

if you enjoy reading nienie, check out her sister's blog.
(I think)