Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picnic and Ice Cream Cake

On Saturday we went for a picnic.  The weather was so great we had take advantage of it!  
The girls played at the park and Rebecca, Shawn and I chilled on the blanket.  

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and Emily's B-day.  When Shawn was getting ready for church, I said to him "7 years ago today, you officially became a DAD!"  So weird to think!  We are so blessed.  We enjoyed a delicious blizzard cake from Dairy Queen!  On one half it said "Happy Birthday Emily!"  in Pink, the other half "Happy Father's Day"  in Blue.  Becca really enjoyed the cake.  And Emily made a great wish!  She won't tell.  

My parents called and sang her happy Birthday over the Phone!  Emily was blushing!  Too Cute!


The Webbs said...

Was her secret wish to move to Arizona??!?!?! I hope so!!

ABDO said...

no better way to celebrate than family and DQ!