Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rebecca Did It!

This particular morning, I had just gotten back from Running and Shawn had put Rebecca in her little booster seat on the ground.  Cool, right?  Well it was, until he left, and I being the good person I am went to my room to say my morning prayers and have seriously, a 2 minute shower!  I'm telling you I showered in Record Time!  I wasn't gone for more then 5 minutes, (I even remember checking my watch), 
when I came upon Rebecca looking like this!  

Do you want some Mom?

And I found Julia like this!  

I then asked Julia what happened here!  Here is that tall tale! 
 (Please Load, Please)

I didn't know Rebecca was a little Houdini!

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ABDO said...

That was HILARIOUS!! I can't wait to show Bruce. I love the interrogation clip, of course. Aren't you happy when the video actually works! It's just adds SO MUCH to the story.
Whew, you have been a posting machine today!