Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Marathon!

This past weekend was fun!  A little crazy, but fun!  Friday night Emily was invited to a B-day Party.  She had a blast it was High School Musical themed.  That morning we made a Wildcats Shirt for her to wear to the Party.  I found some great Iron-on Transfers.  If anyone knows me right now I am on an Iron-on kick.  Her shirt turned out pretty sweet.  The front had a a badge with Sharpay on it.  Emily likes Sharpay.  I think its because she is always dressed so "pretty".  On saturday we had three party's.  Emily had one at 11:30 at the Spray Park, this really sweet boy from her class invited her.  Then we had Bentley's 1st B-day at Gyro.  Julie did such a great job on the invites.  Then we hopped over to the Tanner's for some circus fun!  Here's pics of the last 2 parties! 

 The girls were tired.  I think we all were.  I crashed on the couch at about 8:30pm.  Shawn was smart and crashed on the bed.  I think Emily wanted to watch a movie and we were hanging out downstairs.  I don't quite remember.  It was all a blur.

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