Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have two of them. First, sometimes I blog in my head. I have full intentions to get to the computer and do a post and well, I just don't. They're pretty cool too! But, life gets busy and truly I'd rather sleep or spend sometime with the kids and yes even Shawn.

Second confession, we have two new additions to the family...

and I almost killed one.

The kids don't know. Just Shawn and well who ever reads our blog knows now too. The only thing I ask, is please keep it a secret from the kids.

I was cleaning their tanks.

While my parents where out visiting, my Mom kind of took care of that. We didn't have a net for these little guys, so she would just pick them up with her bare hand.

I thought to myself, well if she can do it I have to be able to do it too. Well I couldn't. I tried but the fish was wiggling in my hand and I couldn't it was so uck. So I got an old ladle out of the drawer (which will now only be used for the fish, unless your not on my good side) and scooped the first one out. Cleaned the tank and did a great job. Well then it came time to do the other one. It wasn't as easy. So I tried scooping it out over the sink... and it flipped out of the little tank and off the ladle. It fell into the sink, part way down the drain. I FORGOT TO PUT THE DRAIN PLUG IN ALL THE WAY. I'm freaking out. I finally calm down and scoop the little guy back into a safe place.

Note: not with my hand.

We survived, the kids stayed asleep and only Shawn knows what happened. And you too!

So here's a pic of our little guy after the trauma.

I think the fish and I are on better terms now.

Also I've decided to buy a net and I vow to put the drain plug in every time!


Helena said...

Way too funny!! I could not stop laughing!!! Love you Mom
P.S. I won't tell!!! ;)

ABDO said...

your secret is safe with me. "blog in my head"- I love it. we'll talk later