Sunday, August 1, 2010

Looking Back...

I had to start the post all over again! And I was almost done!!!

So I think I'll just post pictures...with some commentary

We planted a garden... tore the sod up and all..

last day of preschool for Juju... on to Kindergarten in the Fall

Emily's 8th Birthday...

Last Day of Gr.2

Grandma & Grandpa came out, because turning 8 is a pretty big deal

played with caterpillars...

ate like bunnies

Juju spent a day at Miss Em's Spa

celebrated Canada Day

Watched the Fireworks!!!

while having hot chocolate.

made a cake, and it was yummy,

oh so yummy!

saw some dinosaurs,

they even roar,

at the Calgary Zoo

and that's not even all of July!

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Helena said...

Wonderful memories!!