Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bookmobile Celebrates 25yrs

We love books in our house.

One of our favorite things is going to the Library. We are really lucky that our Library has a Bookmobile. A Library on wheels.

During the School year the bookmobile would be parked outside the school every Tuesday. That day the girls and I would pick Miss Em up from school and then head over and look for some great books for the week.

The Bookmobile is celebrating 25yrs.

The Girls and some of our friends were asked if they would like their picture taken for the July and August Summer Happening (the Library Newsletter).

So here they are!


ABDO said...

thanks for the post. the boys are gonna love seeing it tomorrow morning. now I can just add a link on my blog to yours as I have been meaning to do one, too! thanks for saving me! see you running?!?

Helena said...

What a nice picture of all the troops!!