Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Week in the Life of Becca

This is Becca. She is sweet, loveable, blonde and a keeper.

Here is a peek into a week with our little monkey!

Sunday: Becca decided she just wasn't clean enough after having her bath. With Sunday dress on and hair done, she needed to have another bath with Juju. Clothes and all!

Monday: She is quite the artist. Very creative. She loves to work on blank canvases. Her own arms and feet are perfect for that!

Tuesday: One of her favorite past times is working in the garden. We found the lettuce she planted under the stairs and deck.

Wednesday: When her body is covered, the next best place to express creativity is tile and carpet. Big Sisters are great clean-up crews.

Thursday: Did you know that Big Sisters make great punching bags! When your small you can hit them again and again and again and they won't hit back. Sometimes they will even just sit there! They make little noises, and say things like "ouch" "that hurt" "MOM!!!" but for the most part they just take it. And it's pretty funny!

Friday: My sewing machine is white. Kind of plain. It needed some sprucing up. Oh and hair gel is not just good for your hair, but for your sewing machine too! I think it's quite the improvement.

Saturday: Bandaids make great Stickers. Especially Scooby Doo Bandaids. The kitchen cupboards needed some sprucing up. (They were everywhere)


ABDO said...

love the tongue in cheek commentary! You will miss this stage...someday! (I don't know-people just say that sometimes) love the new look of the sewing machine!
ps- word verification was is slyactio (kinda like sly action-kinda like miss B)!!

Helena said...

Well I guess Julia did not use up all the sharpies when she went through this stage!!! Are they sharpies???

Antonia said...

They are the Mr. Sketch Smelly Markies. So not did she only look gorgeous, she smelled great too! :)

Antonia said...

I will miss it someday :)

The Webbs said...

your sewing machine!!! oops! :)