Monday, March 14, 2011

The Love Affair

Becca is in Love. With a couple of guys. Of course her Daddy and her buddy Champ. But there are two more. They might even be more important then the previous two mentioned. Woody and Buzz Light Year. This girl is in love with Toy Story. It doesn't help that I'm too exhausted and she watches it a couple times a day right now. But those are her Men. Here's a pic if her playing at Champ's. If there is a Buzz or Woody somewhere she finds it!

Stinkin' Cute Eh!

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ABDO said...

What will the future hold for this boy crazy girl? haha

Helena said...

I sent this to Daniel to show him what he did introducing them to Toy Story. He will really enjoy that!!

Helena said...

P.S. I figured it out!!! DUH!!
Love you all xoxoxo

Antonia said...

Shawn's going to need to get a shot gun ;). Or we can lock her in the attic