Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Baby to Big Girl

Becca's hair is kind if luck chicken fluff. It was time to cut it.

Here is a before

Here is an after

She looks so grown up!

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Helena said...

Wow.... she looks all grown up.

Joe said...

Hi Antonia...I was talking to your mom a couple of weeks ago and I hear you are expecting...congrats...wow you must be a busy mom...hope you are feeling ok...I am not sure how far along you are. Your children are really cute! I enjoy your blog updates...I just started this blog thing...such a good idea...take care! Love Aleccia

Joe said...

I am using my brothers computer...I think that is why it saids Joe...anyhow my blog address is

Antonia said...

At first I was freaking out wondering who Joe was lol. Thanks Alecia :). I cant wait to check out your blog. On Monday I was 13 weeks :). It should be fun and busy. Love ya ;)

Brian and Emily said...

She is so stink'in CUTE! A fresh new look for SPRING!!!

dkstewfam said...

What a doll!