Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have three different outlooks on the word "Change"

1st Change can be exciting, something we look forward to, like the seasons, our children's milestones or great trips and vacations. Sometimes we see change as a positive thing.

2nd Like Marvin J. Ashton said, "There is a tendency to think of change as the enemy. Many of us are suspect of change and will often fight and resist it before we have even discovered what the actual effects will be. When change is thought through carefully, it can produce the most rewarding and profound experiences in life." Sometimes we dread change or are scared of it but it can be a good thing.

3rd Sometimes, even with making good choices and being good people, unexpected things can happen. And the "Change" that is happening is not our choice. It Sucks!

But for whatever reason we grow from all three of these types of "Change". Whether the "Change" or the experience is for our own good, loved ones or people we have yet to meet. We go through these changes so we can find compassion and hopefully to become a better person.

Our family has gone through some "Change". I would say it's the 3rd type of "Change". My least favorite. We've had no say in it. But for whatever reason it's happened and we are looking for the positives of this "Change".

I have been avoiding our family blog. Trying to figure out how or if I should say something. Some of you already know, but I know others of you don't. So I just want to share with you simply that our pregnancy has had some complications and we won't be having the privilege of welcoming another little person into our family. We are doing okay and it's bringing us closer together.

So whatever the reason is for going through this "Change"; I know that I'm looking to become a better wife, mother and person because of them.


Helena said...

I Love you. :) XOXOOXXO

Fionna said...

I'm so sorry Antonia, I feel your pain. Although it may not seem like it, time does eventually heal the hurt. <3

Fyfe Family Fun said...

we're thinking about you guys and the kids continue to keep "Auntie Toni" in their prayers each night. Love you!

The Molcak's said...

I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I'm here if you ever need to talk. I'm with you, #3 change SUCKS!

Mama Deb said...

Love and hugs and flavored hot chocolate ANYTIME!!

Terri-Ann said...

Hilary Week's song "Just Let Me Cry" saw me through my own experience in this. I'm so sorry.

Antonia said...

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We have felt them and love you all.

Aleccia said...

So sorry Antonia...I am sad you are going through this trial. Keep strong and know that our thoughts are with you. Love always, xo Aleccia