Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lost Count of our Summer Days...

So it's about time, I posted, instead of blog stalking, which I'm getting good at. I probably shouldn't be calling it blog stalking, maybe peeking...there are just so many awesome blogs, in the blogging world. Enough of that, okay I've lost track. We've been having so much fun. And to top it off, my Mom just got here last Monday and we've been running from one thing to another. I also uploaded my pics, and it's been entertaining to say the least. I love it (sometimes), when the kids get the camera.

This is Juju's Mouth...(I think she was getting ready for the dentist),

and Miss Em's Nose
It's always fun to see what they like to take pics of.

We stayed up late and had Root Beer Floats!

We've gone Raspberry Picking, Jumped on Trampolines and have tried to suck in every last day of summer.

We've tried to get all the back to school stuff done and out of the way before Grandma G arrived.

Doctors appointments,

Dentist appointments,

school supplies,

and my fave with back to school, the clothes shopping, (can you tell it's not JuJu's)

Which I did a bunch online. Emily needed a new back pack and I kept putting off the "checking out" part of the shopping cart at Lands we missed out on the colour she wanted. But I had a tah dah moment. I still had my backpack from high school, which I have to say is still in great shape. I know it's navy blue, but we made it her own and she is really happy with it. So am I, it only cost $1.25 for the Owl Iron on and then I had the rest at home from my scrap pile. She is so totally sold that it is a one of a kind.

We have also been getting ready for Becca's birthday party.

This is our Photo Booth. I know I've gone a little overboard, but I am so excited to do this one. And like I said earlier, there are so many blogs that are awesome you have to check out this one. Awesome party ideas! This summer with the new love of Teletoon Retro, the girls are totally into Super Heroes! So we are planning our Halloween Costumes already. I'm not saying anything yet, but I think you can tell what one of the girls will be from this self portrait.

We also had Whoop Up Days this past week but that needs a special post all of its own.

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ABDO said...

hi darlings (and Shawn)
Summer fun!!! Love the new blog look. I have so much to learn from you, Antonia. Emily, I will look for the owl backpack (owls are SO wise-good choice for a smartie like you) on the playground next week. Good job getting ready for the S word(school, september, take your pick)