Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Day 28, 29

Day 28 - Yesterday we went swimming at the Ramada. We had some good times with the cousins. The girls love it there. I'm glad we went. They have been asking to go forever. I also put the piano together, after Rebecca went to sleep. The other two had to stay up and assist.

Day 29 - With the piano set up they had to test it out as soon as they got up this morning.

I've heard the tinklin' of the ivories all day today, from Darling 1, Darling 2 and Darling 3, Becca stands on her tippy toes, it's so cute. We did some back to school shopping today. And probably the highlight today is staying up late (they are still up), eating Kernels popcorn, rootbeer floats, watching a movie, and sleeping on the floor down in the basement. They are supposed to be sleeping, I wonder when they will finally crash. It's kind of hard when I have the finale "So You Think You Can Dance" on. They are dancing everywhere! Good times!

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